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Secure deal

"Secure deal" service is available if Agreement parties —  Shipstores.net Representative, Buyer and Seller — are tax residents of one country or their countries are bind by the agreements that ensure deal compliance with the local law.

It is a convenient service for secure collaboration.

- For Buyer this service ensures purchase of goods that are in compliance with the description given in the advertisement. Otherwise payment is refunded.

- For Seller this service ensures timely receipt of payment for goods. Otherwise product return expenses are reimbursed if Buyer breaks up a deal.

Using "Secure Deal" service Buyer reserves the funds on the special account of Shipstores.net.

Seller ships the goods to Buyer.

Shipstores.net transfers the reserved amount to Seller provided compliance with following requirements:

- Buyer has confirmed compliance of goods with the description in advertisement.

- Buyer has changed their mind or other circumstances have occurred except for non-receipt or non compliance of goods with the description in advertisement, the goods have been damaged during transportation if buyer pickups or arranges delivery of goods by themselves. 

Shipstores.net refunds the reserved amount to Buyer in the following case:

- The product received does not comply with the description given in advertisement;

- The goods are not received.

In this case Shipstores.net can cover Seller’s expenses to return the goods back to warehouse.

This service is fee-based but Shipstores.net deducts fee from Seller only in case of successful deal.

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