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How does it work

On Shipstores.net there are two main user groups:



Here you can:

  • search for the necessary products;
  • receive Supplier’s contacts;
  • post ads;


Here you can:

  • post information about your products;
  • get the contacts of the Customers who are interested in your products;
  • receive information of the products viewed;
  • receive contact details of customers viewing your products;
  • publish announcements on the bulletin board;
  • use paid services to promote your products;

    Shipstores.net is:

    - online platform for maritime professionals;
    - a place for Customer to find the Supplier, and for the Supplier to find the Customer;
    - a tool to analyze the maritime market;

  • Registration at Shipstores.net

    To register and gain access to your personal profile, fill the registration form and start your tour.

  • Product Search at Shipstores.net

    Product search by keyword:
    - while searching for a particular product, you can quickly get the result using the keywords associated with it.

    To search for the product at Shipstores.net, enter 1 or 2 words describing the goods in the text box located at the top of the main page, then click the “Search” button and you will get results that match these words.

    Browsing products:
    - If you don’t know what kind of products you are looking for, use the option to view products separated by categories. Chosen the category you require, the page displays links to catalogs and ads in this category. Further, depending on the object of search, you can go to the necessary page and continue searching for the goods you need using the established filters. Search the ads till you find something that interests you.

  • Getting the Supplier's contacts

    If you found the suitable product already and want to get the Supplier's contacts, click the "Get seller’s contact" button and a contact form will appear.

  • Getting the Buyers contacts

    To get the contacts of the Buyers who checked your contact information or viewed your goods, go to your profile in the "Analytics" menu and find the necessary information.

  • Posting the products information

    The catalog of your products is automatically generated in your personal profile. You just need to add the logo and reference information and you can to exhibit your products.

    For posting products information, go to your profile, select the "Catalog" menu, click the "Add Product" button, fill the form and send it for moderation. After verification, your product will be exibited on the pages of your Catalog or the Products pages in random order.

  • Analytics

    Here you can find statistical information regarding the numbers of views of your products. You can also see the contacts of users who viewed your products. Thanks to this, you are getting the data for market analysis.

  • Posting information on the bulletin board

    To publish the information on the bulletin board, go to your profile, select menu “ Bulletin board”, click on the “Add Announcement” button, fill out the form and send your advertisement for moderation. After morerator will check your advertisement, it will be published.

  • Promotion of products and company information

    We offer the following services to promote your products:

    • banner advertisement at Shipstores.net;
    • publication in heading "Events and News";
    • Newsletter "The products Announcement";
    • information about your products on the main page in "Special Offer" block;
    • information about your products on the main page in "New products" block.
  • Request for Proposals

    The user has an option to initiate a request for proposals among suppliers registered at the portal.

    Please pay your attention that Shipstores.net works worldwide and in numerous time zones. To avoid incoordination among parties the time of competetive procedures start and finish is set according to official time of Shipstores.net portal (clocks located at the landing page).

    • The request of proposals is being run in an open mode with all contact details of the buyer visible;
    • The buyer is allowed to publish the procedure initial price or keep it undisclosed;
    • An automatic mailing about planned competitive procedure is being forwarded to every supplier registered at Shipstores.net;
    • The buyer is allowed to remove a request for proposals before the procedure launch;
    • The supplier can make a price offer by pressing «Submit offer» button;
    • The buyer can see the list of price offers made in open mode with contact details of the suppliers;
    • The suppliers can see all other offers in anonymous mode;
    • The buyer announces the winner by himself and then contacts him via preferred communication method including built-in messenger;
    • The buyer is allowed to not disclose name of the winner;
    • The participants of the competitive procedure are allowed to contact the buyer via preferred communication method including built-in messenger.

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