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How to register?

Registration on the website is free. One User can be registered both as a Buyer and a Seller. The intuitive interface of the personal cabinet allows you to easily perform this procedure. After registering, you can submit ads, open a store, announce a request for proposals or an auction for the purchase of goods.

Search for the required products with Search bar

Searching for exact item may be very efficient and fast when item related words (key words) are used. To search for an item on Shipstores.net you need to enter 1 or 2 words describing the item in the text field located at the top of page. Then press “Search“ button to get search results that correspond to the key words.

Search for the required products by category of goods

If you need more general information on group of products you are interested in browse by category of goods. When the category is chosen the links to “Purchases“, “Stores“ and “Advertisements“ pages under this category are displayed. Then you can move to the page you need and search there for the advertisement using the set filters. Keep browsing the advertisements until you find something of your interest.

Working with advertisements

User can create and post an advertisement at “Advertisements” page. Click “Add advertisement” button and fill in all suggested fields. Be careful to fill in the fields and provide only information matching field name. When posting the advertisement, provide as more details as possible to describe the goods and upload the unique pictures of high quality. After the advertisement is created, click “Send for moderation” icon. The advertisement that has been checked by moderator is posted on Shipstores.net pages.

User can edit advertisements

User can edit advertisements from advertisement page by using “Edit” link. Click “Edit” icon and edit the advertisement: make required changes in heading, description or parameters of advertisement, add picture, if required. Then, click “Send for moderation” icon. The advertisement that has been checked by moderator is posted on Shipstores.net pages.

Delete posted advertisement

Delete posted advertisement posted advertisement by clicking “Delete advertisement” icon at the top right corner of advertisement.

Advertisements locking/declining

Advertisements locking/declining by website moderator if website rules are violated. The advertisement edited according to the moderator’s recommendation can be posted on the website.

User locking

User locking by website administrator is performed in case of continuous or serious violations of the website rules. The possibility to recover account is reviewed individually in each case.

Your personal account at Shipstores.net

Your personal account at Shipstores.net is an administrative account used to trace receipt and expenditure of funds against payment for the goods and services rendered by the website. To manage your business at Shipstores.net successfully, you need to control your budget.

To make payments

To make payments, bank transfers or cards are used (payment system Kassa.Yandex).

Formal Shipstores.net time

Formal Shipstores.net time is displayed in the top left corner of the main page.

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